Mudbug Mud Rotary Drilling Bits

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Our "MUDBUG" is a versatile all purpose high performance PDC drilling bit designed for use with high volume mud circulation. Geothermal drilling is a typical application for MUDBUG bits.

The unique design of the MUDBUG features a strong 5-blade construction and full-flow mud circulation ports to ensure trouble free drilling in soft and sticky formations. The proven 5-blade design is also well suited for effective drilling rates in harder and more consolidated formations Including SANDSTONE, LIMESTONE and SHALE.

We developed the MUDBUG line to meet the needs of mud rotary drillers who operate in a variety of situations and often encounter soft and sticky clays which are extremely difficult to drill with conventional bits.

Our MUDBUG bits provide unrestricted mud flow to prevent bit “plugging” and to ensure proper flushing of material from the cutting face. This increased flow of drilling mud combined with our proven high performance 5-blade design provides smooth transitions from softer to harder layers without fear of bit “balling”.

We currently supply our MUDBUG in popular geothermal sizes including 5-1/8” and 5-5/8”.
We can also produce other sizes as required.

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Mudbug Mud Rottry Drilling Bit Mudbug Mud Rotary Drilling Bit Mudbug Mud Rotary Drilling Bit

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